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Mission Statement

While it may be a small corner of the world, Lazbuddie is a community with a heart as vast as its horizons. From here, one can peer into the future with hope, while relishing a past and a present filled with success. At the heart of Lazbuddie is its school, Lazbuddie ISD, a family of students, parents, staff, and community members who seek, expect, and provide limitless opportunities for the youth of the area. The Mission of this unique family is to “cultivate strong minds, build communities, embrace values, and strengthen families.”

Cultivating Strong Minds
Lazbuddie employs innovative thinking in order to provide big school academic advantages in the haven of a small school. Our high school students enjoy the opportunity to take Interactive Television (ITV) courses, dual-credit courses, and advanced courses in cooperation with South Plains College. Many Lazbuddie students have earned several semesters of college credits before high school graduation.

For the first time ever, our high school students will have the opportunity to enroll in many course offerings that were not previously available through the Texas Virtual School Network, which was developed by TEA. Students can choose from five foreign languages, psychology, sociology, music and art appreciation, as well as other core area courses that are offered through the TxVSN and counted for local, and in some cases, college-level credit.

Lazbuddie offers an array of Career and Technology Courses, including Food Science, Culinary Arts, Child Development, Horticulture, Agricultural Fabrication and Ag Mechanics, Animal Science, Interior Design, Professional Communication, and many others. Instructional innovation is not limited to just junior high and high school academic programs. Also for the first time ever, our elementary school grades first through fifth are departmentalized. In lieu of a grade level teacher to teach all subjects in each self-contained classroom, our elementary has a Math Specialist, Reading Specialist, ELA Specialist, Science Specialist, and Social Studies Specialist. First graders remain in their own classroom and the instructional specialists travel to the students. Second through fifth grade students, however, travel from classroom to classroom for a 45-minute instructional period in each core area.

Unlike many districts, Lazbuddie offers a full-day Pre-kindergarten program to all three and four year old students. These students are taught by highly qualified, experienced classroom teachers that provide not only instruction, but the nurturing, love, and attention that every parent desires for their child who may be starting school for the first time.

Lazbuddie offers an array of services for students with varying instructional needs, including RTI, Dyslexia, Gifted and Talented, ESL, Special Education, and reading intervention.

Building Communities
At Lazbuddie, a sense of community is the key to the success of any endeavor. Within our school community, there are numerous student groups, both curricular and co-curricular, that have a sense of unity and a pursuit of success unique to each group.

Embracing Values
Small school values are what attract many students and their parents to Lazbuddie. Our policies, whether regarding discipline, grading, dress code, attendance, or student recognition reflect our belief that all students, regardless of background, abilities, or challenges have value and are valued equally just because they are. It is our calling to show every child that he or she is loved, accepted, and respected and it is our commitment to inspire our students to achieve nothing less than their personal best. We embrace these values and principles in an ongoing effort to guide the decision-making process and to ensure that we, above all else, strive to do what is right for kids.

Strengthening Families
For many years, Lazbuddie School has relied on the support of the community, as well as the parents whose children attended the school. In an age of ever-increasing challenges for parents with young children, we believe that it is part of our mission as a school family to give back to the community and to the parents who have given so much to us. As we seek to adapt and evolve our approaches in meeting the needs of kids, we are striving to impart what we have learned to parents in order to help them make the best decisions for their children.

At Lazbuddie, we believe that parents are a child’s first and best teacher, and that the support of a child’s family is key to the success of the child. Since many of our school family members are also parents, we endeavor to strengthen the relationship between home and school and maintain effective lines of communication for sharing and developing best practices for kids at home and at school.